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Double Degrees

Studying for two degrees at once means you'll graduate with double the qualifications, but it won't take you double the time.

A double degree increases your skills and knowledge across two different learning areas and gives you more career opportunities and choices. You'll study units from both courses, but the condensed program structure means it may take only a year longer than a single degree.

The Faculty of Humanities offers two double degrees:

Bachelor of Arts (Humanities), Bachelor of Commerce

This double degree, administered by the Faculty of Humanities, offers you the opportunity to study a wide range of majors from the Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) and Commerce. Combining studies in arts and business has many benefits, and graduates are awarded with two degrees upon successful completion.

Studies in the Arts focuses on creativity, problem solving, communication skills, and practical skills, with students able to utilise Curtin's leading art, media and performance facilities. Meanwhile, studies in Commerce are career-orientated and equip students with the skills and knowledge required to be job-ready as soon as they graduate. This double degree provides you with diverse career opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

You may choose to study the Arts/Commerce double degree with the outcome of graduating with creative skills that are complimented with knowledge of business theory and practice.
Some combinations of majors in this double degree may be available to be completed fully online.

See the different major combinations for this double degree and course structure here.

Why Arts and Commerce Double Degree?

Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts

Entry requirements are dependent on your choice of major. Please see the individual double majors for details.

In this double degree you'll study majors each from two different areas, one from the School of Science and one from the Faculty of Humanities, and you'll graduate with both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts. This diverse study combination is designed to provide you with a broad knowledge base leading to the opportunity for diverse career opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

The Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts double degree is administered by the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Some units may be available to study online.

See the different major combinations and course structure for this double degree here.

Why Science and Arts Double Degree?