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Curtin University

Postgraduate courses for those who think bigger.

Postgraduate Courses

We offer an exciting range of postgraduate research and coursework programs

Choose from the following study areas

  • Architecture and Planning: Architecture, Development Planning, Urban & Regional Planning
  • Project Management
  • Education: Applied Linguistics, Education, Secondary Education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Information Studies: Information Management, Information & Library Studies, Records Management and Archives
  • Media, Culture and Creative Arts: Internet Communications, Journalism, Professional Writing & Publishing, Corporate  Creative Writing, Screen Production, Performance Studies
  • Design and Art: Fine Art, Art & Design Studies, Fashion, Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, Photography, Illustration Design, 3D Design (jewellery, furniture and product design), Digital Design
  • International and Policy Studies: International Relations & National Security, Human Rights, Sustainability & Climate Policy

Our courses combine practicality and industry focus with innovation and creativity.

There is a strong practical emphasis in many of our programs, which have been specifically designed to enhance professional knowledge and skills.

What are postgraduate courses?

Postgraduate courses are university programs designed for those who already hold a degree or those who may not have been to University at all previously but have substantial relevant work experience.

Postgraduate courses can be by coursework or research. Coursework programs usually involve students undertaking units of study that generally involve lectures, tutorials, workshops and seminars. Depending on the program undertaken, a postgraduate coursework program may involve no research at all, or approximately one semester’s worth of research (as is often the case in a Master).

High degrees by research are programs at Master's or Doctoral level in which at least two-thirds of the study program involves research.

Why study a postgraduate course?

There are many reasons why you should consider studying at postgraduate level:

  • to boost your career opportunities
  • to add to your skillset and current qualifications
  • to expand your knowledge in your specialisation
  • to change your career direction
  • you have lots of relevant experience but just need that ‘piece of paper’ to be eligible for that promotion or position
  • to explore a study are that you’re passionate about

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