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Curtin University

Student Profile

Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy

Third Year Student
Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications)

I chose to study at Curtin because it offers an Internet Communications course that appealed to me, and I knew people who had gone on to get great jobs after studying at Curtin.

I've really enjoyed my time as a student at Curtin. I love being on campus and I make excuses to go there even on the days I don't have classes - it has a nice atmosphere. Internet Communications units are quite fun because they often involve real online participation related to the subject matter, so I've had a great time doing this degree.

Creating online material for assignments, and interacting with other student's online work, has definitely been one of the most rewarding parts of doing university coursework. My favourite assignment of this type was a Flash game demonstrating the concepts of digitisation and convergence - it has a wizard in it!

I've also had the opportunity to do some research assistant work at the university, giving me insight into academic work.

My degree has given me the knowledge and skills to construct a solid, consistent web presence that I can use to promote myself and make contacts. All of the Internet Studies staff are wonderful, and are clearly excited about what they teach. Staff such as Tama Leaver and Clare Lloyd work hard to design really interesting units.

I would recommend this degree to others, especially if they're interested in the future of the Web. While any degree is challenging, it's definitely worth it!