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Clare Toonen

Clare Toonen

Current Student
Bachelor of Arts (Performance Studies and Screen Arts) Double Major

I chose Curtin because it offered the chance to study both film and performance together. I also had friends who had already begun studying here and they recommended it.

Over the course of my degree so far I have met and worked with some great people in the industry, and many of my assignments have involved watching and studying some incredible films. And I've made friends for life!

I have had the opportunity to become involved in student films, both behind and in front of the camera, which have been rewarding experiences. I've also written a couple of short films.

In addition to furthering my appreciation/understanding of arts and culture (specifically cinema), this degree has helped to point me in the direction of a career in the film and TV industry.

The lectures I have come across at Curtin have all been committed and knowledgeable. Lindsay Hallam, who has been my tutor for three Screen Studies unit, has been particularly good. She has an excellent understanding of the content; she is enthusiastic, approachable and genuinely loves what she is talking about!

I would recommend studying this degree, simply because you come away with so much more than just a piece of paper!