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Centre for Culture and Technology

The proposition that motivates Centre for Culture and Technology (CCAT) research across these fields is that the study of culture, with its emphasis on identity, meanings, relationships, power and values, needs to be better integrated with the study of media and digital technologies, especially the Internet.

Culture is integral to what are now called ‘social network markets’ in the creative economy. New approaches and methods are needed to account for technological change and cultural dynamism in the growth of globalized networks.

The combination of culture and technology gives rise to both creative and economic questions:

  • Creatively, audiences, consumers and citizens are reconfigured as users – producers and publishers of cultural content in their own right.
  • Economically, we are witnessing the migration of innovation from firms to social networks (from the economy to culture), and profound changes in the relationships between producers and consumers (distributed enterprise).

These changes are significant for the growth of knowledge, and in turn raise new questions about the role of expertise, professionalism, education and training in creative and cultural systems. In particular, digital technologies massively expand the capacity of social networks to carry new ideas, and to enable distributed social learning and experimentation among a global population.

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