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Digital China Lab

The Digital China Lab at Curtin University acknowledges the important role that digital media technologies plays in China’s future as it looks to secure new sustainable economic models and to break away from reliance on low cost manufacturing. In addition, China faces the problem of declining work force participation. As its population ages it is important to understand how technology, culture, innovation and creativity come together in new ways to produce new knowledge and unlock quality of life improvements.

The Digital China Lab brokers knowledge transfers and facilitates trans-disciplinary research collaboration in digital media and creative industries, journalism, creative writing and e-publishing, digital health services, digital design, visualisation, and digitally enabled learning technologies.
It produces customised intelligence on hotspots, trends, policies, markets, key players and potential international partner. This initiative draws upon experts in Chinese culture and digital media at Curtin University as well as an established network of local and international scholars in the Creative Transformations Asia group.

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