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Postgraduate Education

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Postgraduate courses

The group’s postgraduate programs cater to the wide range of academic and professional research interests of teachers, curriculum developers and educational administrators.

The STEM Group’s Academic Staff section indicates their general research interest. For more detail, please click on a staff member’s name to view their individual page.

Our Approach

The unique and innovative nature of the STEM Education Research Group’s approach to postgraduate education can be summarised as:

  • Provision of an innovative professional doctorate (in addition to the PhD)
  • Provision of flexible access to doctoral studies for part-time students who reside interstate or overseas
  • Development of ‘nodes’ of doctoral students in interstate and overseas locations
  • Extensive use of information technology to maintain contact with students and to deliver coursework to distant students
  • Involvement of students with staff in publishing and presenting research at national and International conferences
  • Strong commitment of staff to their own research areas enabling them to provide relevant up-to-date advice to students
  • Very good external thesis examination results.

Overseas and Interstate Nodes

The STEM Group operates nodes, which are communities of learners who meet regularly for mutual support and face-to-face contact with Curtin-based staff and local Adjunct staff, interstate and around the world.

Recently, groups of students met on a regular basis in Singapore, New Zealand, Miami, New York, Fullerton (California), Dallas, Abu Dhabi, Adelaide and Tasmania. Specific information on each of these nodes is available from the STEM Group.

Please contact us for more information.

Study modes, flexibility and distance education

The programs (Doctorates and Masters) are all available for full-time, part-time and external study.