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Student profile: Philip Teal

phil teal

Research topic: Realising talent potential and corporate capabilities for sustainable success

Employment: Principle Consultant, Talent and Organisation Development Consultants, HK & Guangzhou (China)

Chief supervisor: Professor Barry Fraser
Co-supervisor: Dr Roya Pugh


I am currently completing my PhD studies from China via a distance learning pathway through Hobart. My decision to study at Curtin was influenced by the distance learning option available to me to complete my PhD by research only. Since 2001 I have worked as consultant in China as a stand-alone expert in my field of Talent and Organisation Development (OD).

My research is an extension of my work as an OD consultant in Asia, mainly in China, HK and the Philippines. I am very keen to apply my work as the ultimate pathway for students to leverage their STEM skills in organisations to create value and further the sustainable development of organisations.

Two years ago I wrote a book for Chinese entrepreneurs titled Winning the War for Talent and I plan to publish more books in my field. I also plan to offer my experience to Australian leadership to better engage local talent to innovate for sustainable local and global success and ensure the future prosperity of your nation.

While my thesis will apply what I have researched within an Australian context, in theory my work can support any organisation globally. As I prepare to return to Australia I hope my experience will help to shape future STEM Education and leadership development programs to better appreciate the rich talent resources that remain untapped in Australia.

My advice to future students would be to apply your research to real world problems and initiatives that can make the world a better place for everyone. This way your efforts will not be a waste of your talent and national resources.