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International partnerships

Humanities at Curtin continues to connect with and build international industry partnerships, providing students and researchers with many industry-aligned opportunities while gaining an international perspective.

China Australia Writing Centre

The China Australia Writing Centre is a collaboration between Curtin and Fudan University.  The Centre will focus on enabling, promoting, and studying new writing in China and Australia, with the specific aim of using cultural exchange and translation (in its broadest sense) to advance the production of creative, historical, and expository writing, and the development of innovative writing practices. Learn more

Lakhnu village community sustainable development project, India

Since 2011 undergraduate and postgraduate students from Curtin University’s Departments of Planning, Construction Management, Architecture and Interior Architecture, and associated staff members, have engaged in ongoing work with an Indian community. In 2014 Curtin students were joined by students from BN College of Architecture Pune. In collaboration with the non-governmental organisation, iREAD the goal of the research unit is to assist contribute to the broader issues of education, employment and infrastructure development of the village community. Students have the opportunity to participate in a research unit with an international focus and to develop skills to work as part of a multidisciplinary and multi-ethnic teams. Learn more

Digital China Lab

The Digital China Lab brokers knowledge transfers and facilitates trans-disciplinary research collaboration in digital media and creative industries, journalism, creative writing and e-publishing, digital health services, digital design, visualisation, and digitally enabled learning technologies.
It produces customised intelligence on hotspots, trends, policies, markets, key players and potential international partner. This initiative draws upon experts in Chinese culture and digital media at Curtin University as well as an established network of local and international scholars in the Creative Transformations Asia group. Read more