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Creative Arts and Writing

The Creative Arts and Writing research theme combines critical thinking with creative expression. Our world-class research in this theme is both theoretical and project-based, with our researchers often creating works of literature or performance as ways to explore complex cultural issues.

creative arts writing

Historically, the arts are considered one of defining elements of humanity. In today’s technology-driven world this distinction is taking on complex new emphasis. Through writing, fine art, film, photography and performance, researchers employ creative, flexible thinking to challenge ingrained structures and produce unorthodox solutions. Critically, this theme bridges research theory and practice in recognition that sometimes the only way to explore, clarify or expose an issue is to attempt to construct, design or enact it.

Current research projects

There are many research projects underway within this theme. Some examples include:

  • gender studies in screenwriting
  • narratives and identities in photography
  • explorative theatre
  • crime fiction
  • Western Australian history
  • transmedia narratives
  • sculptural visualisation.

Though only a selection of projects has been listed here, Curtin is interested to discuss any research idea relating to creative arts and writing.