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Information, Knowledge and Project Management

Human knowledge and information data are increasing exponentially, forefronting challenges in storage, preservation, management and access. In addition, increasing technology complexity and shorter time-to-delivery expectations have highlighted a need for effective and agile project management strategies.

The Information, Knowledge and Project Management research theme investigates these challenges, as well as questions of security, design, quality and control.


Information and knowledge management has a long history, but the introduction of computing last century has stepped up the need for innovative research in this area.

Similarly, project management’s prominence is increasing with the recognition that innovation relies on the effective management of projects: that is, meeting outcomes successfully, quickly and with the consumption of fewer resources.

This theme brings together common themes of technological advances, strategic thinking and management, and agile organisational methods to advance knowledge in this area.

Current research projects

There are many research projects underway within this theme. Some examples include:

  • technology in project management
  • risk management
  • collection management
  • Australian library studies
  • bibliometrics
  • information seeking and electronic management systems
  • geoscience information management.

Though only a selection of projects has been listed here, Curtin is interested to discuss any research topic relating to information, knowledge and project management.