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Media, Cultural Industries and Creative Economy

The world is shifting from a product- and manufacturing-based economy to one that is driven by knowledge, culture and creativity. Research in the Media, Cultural Industries and Creative Economy theme investigates new methodologies and applications for fostering growth in this area, as well as exploring cultural tensions arising from this shift.


Within this theme, researchers are investigating the disruptive impact of technology on journalism and screen arts, as well as the evolution of new media (such as social media and interactive media) and its arising opportunities and complexities. In addition, open knowledge and cultural science have opened up as new research avenues, bringing into focus research on DIY, user-generated content, inter-connected microproductivity and its effects on local and national economies, and tensions between the physical and the virtual.

Current research projects

There are many research projects underway within this theme. Some examples include:

  • Digital China Lab
  • digital culture and new media
  • new models of publishing
  • disability and media
  • media censorship in Australia
  • media law
  • visualisation technologies
  • interactive content product, services and art
  • emotional computation and consumer experience.

Though only a selection of projects has been listed here, Curtin is interested to discuss any research topic relating to media, cultural industries and creative economy.