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Social Justice

The Social Justice research theme explores complex issues surrounding refugees, Indigenous people, gender and LGBTI rights, rights to culture and knowledge, rights of people with disability, and other human rights and social justice concerns.


Tensions between the individual, cultural and government systems lie at the heart of the complexities in delivering social justice. Research in this area seeks to shed light on the issues experienced by minority groups to influence new narratives, policy and understanding.

At its core, research in social justice seeks to create an inclusive and desired world that celebrates diverse identities, worldviews and practices.

Current research projects

There are many research projects underway within this theme. Some examples include:

  • posthumanism and technology
  • Indigenous culture and digital technologies
  • countering online violent extremism
  • Chinese culture, gender and media
  • Japanese culture, gender and media
  • language and influence on teaching and learning
  • politics of community
  • cultural studies
  • film studies.

Though only a selection of projects has been listed here, Curtin is interested to discuss any research topic relating to social justice.