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Curtin University

Interior Architecture Exhibition


'TRESPASS ­ transforming leftover urban slivers flexing':

An exhibition of work by Curtin's 3rd year Interior Architecture studio speculating on inner city laneway transformations.
Studio Coordinator: Dr Lynn Churchill

Trespass catalogue [.pdf - 8.67MB]


12-23 November 2008 Aldas Café
24-28 November 2008 Council House Foyer

'TRESPASS' is a series of diverse speculations on transforming / activating three of Perth's inner interior spaces: Howard, Grand and McLeans Lanes. The approach to the work was interdisciplinary, re-deploying design strategies of Interior Architecture to the creative, social and economic problem of transforming the gritty urban space of the lane.

'TRESPASS' has provided Curtin's Interior Architecture students with opportunities to experience and participate in the development of new ideas for creative development within the city, to initiate working relationships with the City of Perth and to have the resultant work exhibited before the public as a contribution to the vision and discussion of inserting small, beautiful, energetic, creative, alternative visions of space and its use within our city. Places beyond the idea of the CBD.

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