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Curtin University

MSc (Project Management) - Performance


Peter BenningtonPeter Bennington

Chief Technology Officer - City of Stirling
Masters of Science (Project Management)

"During my time at Curtin, I not only increased my knowledge and skills in the area of project management, but you also grow as an individual in terms of additional life skills such as growing your confidence and networking with a wide range of people from many different disciplines."

Francis NormanFrancis Norman

Master of Science (Project Management)
Engineering manager, Aker Solutions Oil & Gas Australia

"I chose the course because the Masters in Project Management offered direct, structured academic rigour to support my pre existing practical experience. The program was delivered in a professional way by a group of lecturers with real industry experience; I felt that every unit I undertook was contributing directly to my ability to perform my day job."

Steve PowerSteve Power

Construction Services Manager - Western Power
Master of Science (Project Management)

"The Project Management masters provides underpinning theory for 'real' project management and opened up other options - maturity, Strategic Procurement. In addition it culminated previous qualifications by providing solid underpinning knowledge."

Geoff SalmGeoff Salm

Global Program Manager - QUASAR Software Development Centre
Masters of Science (Project Management)

"The discipline taught and Curtin University, in particular Systems Thinking had paid dividends in my career as a Program Manager, allowing me to better manage and control the projects under my portfolio.  The Management units studied within the course have allowed be to become a better leader and mentor to my management team."

Paul StonePaul Stone

Regional Project Manager (WA & SA)
AJ Lucas Operations Pty Ltd

"The main reason I enrolled on the Masters of Project Management at Curtin University was because it offered an industry recognised qualification with the flexibility of study options. Shortly after starting the course I went overseas and was able to continue my studies using the fully online format which I found extremely convenient, especially being in a different time zone."

The eVALUate unit survey items are designed to be meaningful to students across a wide range of disciplines in all Curtin's varied learning contexts (on- or off-campus, locally and internationally). The survey has questions, with has a brief explanatory for clarification. The items ask students to indicate their level of agreement. Students may indicate Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree or Unable to Judge for each item.

eVALUate Course Summary Report - Evaluation period: 2010 - 2011
Master of Science (Project Management)
Unit" Learning Outcomes Experience Resources Feedback Quality of Teaching Overall Satisfaction Response Rate
Unit 100% 70% 75% 100% 75% 75% 60%
Unit 82% 76% 76% 82% 76% 70% 50%
Unit 100% 100% 100% 93% 93% 100% 93%
Unit 100% 86% 100% 71% 86% 75% 62%
Unit 89% 79% 95% 79% 79% 79% 63%
Unit 100% 88% 88% 82% 88% 94% 81%
Unit 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Unit 94% 94% 89% 89% 89% 100% 95%
Unit 98% 98% 98% 93% 98% 98% 94%
Unit 100% 85% 85% 85% 85% 90% 50%
*Unit Title cannot be named due to confidentiality requirements
learning outcomes are clearly identified.
learning experiences help me to achieve learning outcomes.
learning resources help me to achieve learning outcomes.
Feedback on my work helps me to achieve learning outcomes.
Quality of teaching helps me to achieve learning outcomes.
Overall, I am satisfied with this unit

Master of Science (Project Management) 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 YTD
Total Commencing Students 39 60 97 89 61
Total Students Enrolled 86 116 178 205 213
Students Completing the course 16 28 37 33 10