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Curtin University

Urban & Regional Planning


Student Resources

The School's Audio Visual Laboratory provides audio-visual services to staff for lectures and loans of photographic and video equipment for students.

Three computing laboratories of 15 machines PC computers with CAD and 3-D modelling for student use. Software includes AutoCAD 2000, ArchiCAD 6.5, Radiance, MapInfo, 3D Studio Viz, Photoshop 5.0, MacroMedia Director 6.5.

Please note there are conditions on the use of the computing facilities: please see details below.

The Acoustics Laboratory provides measuring and testing facilities for assessing acoustics and materials/construction performance in buildings.

The Materials Library houses catalogues and samples of materials, fixtures and furniture commonly used in architecture and interior design.

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre houses literature, records and materials relevant to the building industry.

Computing and Networking Facilities

Conditions of Use

Your attention is drawn to the conditions of use policy for computers at Curtin University.

It is the policy of the University that its computing and networking facilities are intended for teaching, learning, research and administration in support of the University's mission. Access to the facilities is granted as a privilege to University students and staff and the University reserves the rights to limit, restrict, or extend access to the facilities.

Appropriate Use

In particular please note the conditions pertaining to appropriate use:

"Appropriate and responsible use of the Curtin computing and networking facilities is defined as use that is consistent with the teaching, learning, research and administrative objectives of the University and with the specific objectives of the project or task for which such use was authorised. All uses inconsistent with these objectives are considered to be inappropriate use".

The use of interactive mail and chat programs is not considered to be appropriate.

Users who do not comply with these conditions can expect to have their computing privileges revoked.