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Curtin University

Vision Statement

Leading Learning 

The Vision of The School of Education is to be a leader in teaching and learning and educational research through the use of innovative technologies to enhance teacher knowledge, skills and professional commitment.

Mission Statement

Teaching and Learning

To achieve excellence in teaching and learning and produce graduates of practical value to the community by encouraging and supporting the full and continuing scholarly, professional and personal development of staff and students.

Research and Development

To undertake research and development, technology transfer and innovation in collaboration with government, commerce, industry, other institutions and individuals.

Community Service

To build strong links between the University and the community through common purposes, cultural activities, and the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources.

Ethics and Social Justice

To promote social justice, ethical practice and environmental responsibility by increasing equity and access and enhancing cross cultural understanding and mutual respect throughout the University community.


To prepare staff and students for life in the global community through greater understanding of and respect for other cultures.


To advocate and apply the socially responsible use of technology in University programs and administration and to ensure the confidence of staff and students in using technology.

Quality and Leadership

To encourage continuous quality improvements by ensuring that quality practices drive the development, implementation and review of the University's vision, mission, goals, objectives, strategic plans and operations.