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Curtin University

School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts

Welcome from the Head of School,
Associate Professor Steve Mickler

The School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts offers a broad range of programs with a strong practical and industry focus, and is renowned for producing job-ready graduates – many of whom have gone on to outstanding success in their chosen fields. The School boasts excellent student facilities, including an on-campus film studio (which recently underwent a million-dollar upgrade), theatre, radio station, student newspaper and online student magazine.

The School offers the following majors: Creative Writing, Internet Communications, Journalism, Librarianship and Corporate Information Management (double major), Literary and Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, Professional Writing and Publishing,Visualisation Technologies, International Relations, History, Anthropology and Sociology and Screen Arts. In addition, students can select from a range of Postgraduate courses.

Communication and Cultural Studies

Do you have a talent or passion for writing, performance and theatre, English or culture? Explore and develop your skills in these areas.

Film and Television

Studies in Screen Arts provide you with the opportunity to unleash your creative talent in the audio visual medium and gain professional abilities in this challenging and exciting field of employment.

Information Studies

In an age of information overload, the world needs graduates who are information literate at an advanced level and who are able to locate, capture, retrieve and critically evaluate information.

Internet Studies

Internet Studies is about the human dimension of the Internet: how people network, interconnect, and creatively design the Internet.


Curtin Journalism has enjoyed an outstanding reputation over many years for preparing students with the skills, understanding and professionalism necessary for a career in the media industry.

Social Sciences and International Studies

Study in both the Social Sciences and International Studies develops the ability to think critically, to analyse, to understand and research and the ability to work as part of a team