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Media, Culture and Creative Arts Honours

Bachelor of Arts (Media, Culture and Creative Arts) (Honours) - 311508

Application for Admission to an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Course

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Interested in Studying Honours? 

Faculty of Humanities

Where: Bentley
When: February or July
How: Full-time or part-time
Internally or externally
Study: On-campus, externally and mixed on- and off-campus
Duration: 1 year full-time, or 2 years part-time
Fees: Please check out our Fee Calculator for an estimation of course fees.

Entry Requirements: You must have completed a Bachelor degree from a recognised tertiary institution in one of the majors offered in this course - or a closely related discipline - with a Course Weighted Average of 65 or above.
To gain entry into the course you must also submit a satisfactory Honours Thesis Proposal with your application. Download the guidelines for writing an Honours Thesis Proposal. [.pdf - 34Kb]

How to Apply: Download the instructions on how to apply [.pdf - 41Kb]

Application deadlines:

Build on your qualifications

The vibrant Honours research community in the School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts (MCCA) brings together budding creative practitioners, media and information professionals, and literary, cultural and new media analysts.

You specialise in one of the following majors:

Studying Honours in MCCA provides an opportunity for you to advance your research, analytical and writing skills as you develop a creative project or investigate a topic that has captured your interest.

You choose between two kinds of Honours thesis - creative production, or critical inquiry.

The creative production thesis combines an analytical essay (exegesis) with a creative project (screen production, writing, or performance), both of which address a central research question.

The critical inquiry thesis is a single, lengthy analytical study, which provides you with the scope to address a key question that you have identified in your research and reading of existing publications on your chosen topic.

The combination of coursework and supervised research in MCCA Honours is designed to produce the high-level skills in communication and critical analysis which are crucial to your future career at the forefront of academic research, or research in the fields of creative production, the media and information professions, the arts, government, and industry.

The coursework units provide you with a broad and rigorous grounding in key concepts, theories and research methods, while guiding you in your selection and application of these elements in your thesis. At the same you work with your supervisor to research and plan your thesis structure and content.

Building on the solid coursework foundation, and working closely with your supervisor, in the second half of the course your attention turns fully to the rewarding task of producing your thesis.

Career Opportunities

Research training in the MCCA Honours course prepares you for work at the cutting edge of your chosen career, whether you:

Why Honours in Media, Culture and Creative Arts?

Credit for previous study (RPL)

Applications for recognition of prior learning are assessed on an individual basis. Please contact the School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts to discuss your eligibility for recognition of prior learning.

Credits required



Dr Doug Russell
Honours Coordinator
School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts – Faculty of Humanities
Curtin University