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Curtin University

Graduate Achievements

April Lim
Double Degree in Asian Studies & Media

image April Lim

I have fond recollections of having made the first move in switching over from a single degree in Mass Communications to a double degree of Journalism and Asian Studies at DOLIE. Doing this course has widened my horizons in learning and understanding Asian cultures as well as provided me with the excellent opportunity of studying in Japan for one semester. My experience at Curtin has enabled me to be able to find a job quickly in a Japanese company and thereby guaranteed my continued learning of the language each day. Taking up a third language (in my case) has given me an added advantage in the fiercely competitive society we live in today. (April works for a Japanese company based in Singapore)

Adam McMillen
Bachelor of Arts (Chinese) and Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

image Adam McMillen

"Learning Chinese at Curtin provided me with the basic tools not only to firmly ground myself in China, but also gave me a solid foundation to continually expand my language skills.

One thing I really liked about learning Chinese at Curtin was that the very practical language lessons were strongly interwoven with the cultural aspects of the course. Applying the concepts learnt at uni in everyday life and in my work has helped me get so much more out of the ‘China experience’ and life in general." Read more about Adam McMillen

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