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Emiko Carter, BAppSc (Interior Architecture)

The Interior Architecture course at Curtin University is a truly holistic approach to design education.

I found that the technical skills we learnt and developed, including hand drawing and programs like AutoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, InDesign and PhotoShop, provide only the foundations for our learning. Aside from this technical development there are units dedicated to the historical, theoretical research and contextual understandings, which constantly extended the parameters of my mind.

The focus on concept development and contextually responsive thinking has been the most enjoyable part of my university experience.

As a result of the inspiring mentorship from tutors throughout the course I have come to believe that creativity is not only intuitive, but is also something that can be taught, practiced and worked on.

Through design studios I have been encouraged to apply abstract theories and conceptual knowledge to real life situations, to solve complex situations with refined solutions; and that has been the most satisfying aspect of my education in the Interior Architecture course.

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