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Construction and Project Management

Staff in the Department of Construction and Project Management have an extensive range of professional experiences such as project management, quantity surveying, construction management, building surveying, contract administrators and facilities management.

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Over the past twenty years there has been a strong and continuous demand for project managers in all organisations, which has created a job opportunities for people with a project management qualification.

Our postgraduate courses in project management are suitable for anyone involved in project work and the skills can be applied to almost any industry, including: construction, property, events, engineering, health, education, business, information technology, and product development.

Our courses are delivered by people who bring practical and professional experience into the learning process.

Why the world needs more project managers

With the global rise in multi-skilling and multi-tasking, and the explosion of instantly accessible digital planning and tracking tools, who needs a project manager?

Master of Project Management

The mission for the Project Management Program is to transform lives and communities through education and research in the field of project management.