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Our courses

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Arts (Urban and Regional Planning)

Urban and regional planners look at whether development ideas are practical by considering economic, human, political, legal, environmental and aesthetic issues, such as how a piece of land should be developed, and what effect this will have on the local community of the environment.

Bachelor of Arts (Geography major)

In this major, you will learn how to integrate various perspectives in social research and natural science to indentify practical solutions to issues surrounding population growth; food security; migration; natural hazards, climate change, global cities, sustainable development, health and wellbeing, power and place, and the emerging economies.

Postgraduate Courses

Graduate Certificate (Development Planning)

This course provides an introduction to the planning principles, practices and techniques used by urban and regional planners. A distinguishing characteristic of the course is the use of interdisciplinary knowledge and techniques in addressing environmental, social and design issues of concern to the community.

Master of Urban and Regional Planning

This course will provide you with a professionally accredited planning qualification. It is designed for people who hold a degree in a discipline other than planning, but who want to enter the planning profession.

Higher Degree by Research Courses