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Student and Graduate Achievements


Callum Spurge, Master (Architecture)

“Through this intensive experience we developed a close circle of like-minded peers who shared challenges.” Read more

Sarah Rosa Warren, BAppSc (Architecture)

“Studying architecture enables me to develop a skill set with which I can contribute to the built environment and the development of cities in a meaningful way.” Read more

Construction Management

Jessica Baller, BAppSc (Construction Management)

“The opportunity to study Construction Management at Curtin has been an amazing experience for me so far. In just 2 years, the course has given me an abundance of theoretical and relevant industry knowledge.” Read more

Jordan Correia, BAppSc (Construction Management)

“It’s a competitive industry out there, why would an organisation hire you over someone else? Make the most of your opportunities, give everything you have towards what you do and being the best at it.” Read more

Interior Architecture

Taylor Clark, BAppSc (Interior Architecture) (Hons)

“Design has always been something I’ve been interested  in, and the interior architecture course has given me the opportunity to combine that love for design and my drive to help others.” Read more

Hami James, BAppSc (Interior Architecture)

“My final dissertation was by far the best and most significant part of the course for me,” she says. “It completely changed the way I thought about the practice and discipline of interior architecture. I always had a natural desire to enquire and an impulse for discovery, and this part of the degree truly ignited my passion for research within the discipline.” Read more

Planning and Geography

Alex Frankcombe, BA (Urban and Regional Planning)

“I wanted to build the capacity of everyday people in Perth to be able to improve their city,” says Frankcombe of the decision to bring the SOUP concept to the most isolated capital in the world. “Helping other passionate individuals or groups achieve positive change is a huge motivation for me personally and professionally.” Read more