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Advisory sessions

Regardless of your entry pathway, applicants hoping to enter the School of Design and Art (SODA) at Curtin University are invited to attend one of our advisory sessions. Please note that it is not compulsory to attend these sessions to receive an offer for a SODA major.

Please attend if you:

  • Would like to receive further information about our majors
  • If you are applying for a portfolio entry pathway to a SODA course
  • If you would like to discuss entry pathways to SODA courses.

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About the advisory session

The session is a chance to help you understand what courses we offer and give you the opportunity to talk about your art and design interests.

What to bring

Bring what you have to show your interest and engagement in art and design, this will vary between applicants, for example some applicants may have more of an interest or knowledge in the arts and less of a practical portfolio.

Where possible your portfolio should reflect your ability to communicate through a variety of visual media and may contain a selection of your own work, which demonstrates your skills and strengths. Your work can be 2 dimensional and/or 3 dimensional in format, but for your ease of transport, please photograph large pieces that are difficult to bring to the advisory session.

Try to order the information you bring and be aware that your advisory session will be no longer than ten minutes.

What to expect in the advisory session

You will be asked questions regarding the work you are presenting, as well as the artists, designers, works and ideas that interest you. Try to order the information you bring and be aware that your interview will be no longer than ten minutes.

Remember that the purpose of the advisory session is to provide you with advice on future study and to do this effectively it is helpful to have your work organised and presented in a thoughtful manner.

When and where are the advisory sessions

Advisory sessions are held in December on Curtin’s Bentley Campus in Building 202. See map

There will be an online line booking system available in late November 2016 for applicants to book a session for 12-14 December  2016 or 4 and 5 January  2017.

Distance applications or if you are unable to attend advisory sessions

If you are not able to attend an advisory session in December you can attend the sessions in early January. Those applicants who live outside of Perth may post a submission to the School of Design and Art at Curtin University. Distance submission can be made prior to 7 January 2016.

Format of posted or emailed submission

Please email or post your submission to the addresses listed below. The posted submission should be digital format on a USB, CD or DVD. Do not send original design or artworks. You should include a short written statement since you are not able to speak about the work. Our staff will telephone you to discuss your submission if they would like further explanations from your in regards to the work.

Please provide a cover letter on the front of your submission which clearly indicates your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact phone number
  • TISC number (if you have one)

Portfolio submissions must be submitted by email, post or submitted in person to the following addresses:


Please title: SODA interview portfolio

Mail to:

Attn: School of Design and Art,
Curtin University
School of Design and Art
GPO Box U1987
Perth, WA 6845

In person:
School of Design & Art,
Admin Office,
Building 202 Room 113,
Curtin University,
Kent Street,
Bentley WA 6102.