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Audio-Visual Store

The AV store provides audio-visual services to staff for lectures and loans of photographic and video equipment for students. The store has facilities enabling experimentation.

Jewellery and 3D Design

The jewellery and 3D design area offers a work friendly environment where students may seek expertise in conceptual and contemporary / traditional skills development. The staff within the studio all have contemporary practices and provide an excellent resource base for students.

Students are encouraged to work in an investigative manner, exploring the tradition and building a contemporary practice based in knowledge of theory and practice of the past and present.

The jewellery and 3D studio is equipped with all essential tools for a multitude of processes involved in traditional and contemporary jewellery and object making. As a safety conscious studio best work practices are encouraged at all times.

Painting Area

The painting area is best thought of as the area where staff and students work, rather than as an area where any specific media must be used. Each of the professional artists teaching and working here also has experience and proficiencies in additional fields.

The area actively promotes the growth of individual initiative and the development of inventive strategies through appropriate technical skills across a broad range of related disciplines. Students in the workshops frequently combine their material technologies with those taught elsewhere in the Department of Art and the University at large. Interpretation and choice of media are open to the inventive strategies of the student. The widest possible range of options for experiment and discovery is encouraged.

Weekly workshops studios are held to cover the various technical and strategic skills most central to painting and printmaking. For example: materials and methods in Painting, mark making exercises, observational skills, and colour theory.

Print Media

Print media occupies several studio bases. Each of these is well ventilated, lit and maintained with basic equipment and studio furniture. The larger studios are located adjacent to the central print/photo facilities and the Department’s main teaching space respectively. The latter also contains an area designed for the preparation of painting supports, spray painting and the environmentally safe disposal of waste materials. Processes which require additional ventilation or may involve potentially toxic materials are separated from others. Accessible close by are the Department’s wood and metal workshops and the skilled technicians associated with them.

Print media Studios at Curtin are equipped to deal with traditional printmaking processes including; intaglio (etching, engraving, dry point and collograph). We have the largest etching press in an institution in the southern hemisphere, relief (wood and lino block), planographic (lithography and Mono print) and silk-screen printing. All print processes can be explored using both manual and photographic techniques.

There are also black & white photographic darkrooms and a computer laboratory equipped with the latest technology including a large format 1200cm x 1800cm colour printer.

Sculpture Facilities

Curtin’s sculpture programme offers students experiences with both the technical and conceptual understandings of contemporary sculptural practices in order to become practising artists. The sculpture programme encourages self-motivated and independent ways of working and a broad critical approach to art making.

The first year of the programme offers conceptual and material discoveries through the use of set materials as well as working with themes. Throughout second and third year the opportunity to work with the materials or facilities offered in the sculpture workshop are driven by response to themes, ideas and proposals.

The facilities in the sculpture workshop offer the ability to work with wood, metal, plastic, plaster and casting in various formats and sizes and most other material necessary for the execution of an idea. Whilst the staff acknowledge the history of skills and techniques of this discipline, the programmes encourage contemporary approaches, diversity and invention.

The sculpture facilities provide support for the making of all aspects of Sculpture and include:

  • A fully equipped workshop for working with wood, metal, plastics, etc
  • Clay, Plaster and wax areas for mould making and casting
  • A foundry area with a modern Induction Furnace for bronze and Aluminium casting
  • Installation space for review and temporary installation
  • Outdoor undercover area with blacksmith forge

Wood and Metal Workshops

These spacious and well-equipped workshops provide a wide range of technical possibilities in the production of student projects with extensive woodworking and metal fabrication machinery and tools. Technical support staff are available for advice and help.