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two lost ships project

The School of Design and Art has a vibrant community of researchers who are firmly focused on creatively solving real-world problems and engage in cross disciplinary research.

Underpinning our research endeavours are strong partnerships with industry, which result in outcomes that greatly benefit the broader community locally, nationally and globally. SODA’s research is primarily run through the following two facilities:

Alternate Anatomies Lab

The Alternate Anatomies Lab is an interdisciplinary lab that interrogates the aesthetics, the ethics and the engineering of prosthetics, robotics and virtual systems. Its interest encompasses the post-modern condition, post-humanism, identity, embodiment and the evoking of agency in machine systems. Thus it creatively incorporates biomechanics and biomimicry in exploring aliveness with robots. AAL aims to generate concepts of the future that can be contested, critically examined and possibly appropriated. Learn more

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Fashion Research Hub

As the second hub of its kind in Australia, the Fashion Design and Research Hub are working on the integration of both traditional and new technologies to improve the suitability of fashion design and production systems. The Hub offers services such as seamless garment design and production to both the industry and their researchers.

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  • T: +61 8 9266 2276

Two Lost Ships Project

This project will document, conserve and interpret the World War II shipwreck sites of the HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran for future generations. Using the Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch (HIVE) the researchers will recreate 3D models of the shipwrecks, which are 2.5 kilometres underwater, with the intention to create an exhibition for people to experience the wreck sites.

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