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What can eLearning do for your institution?

How can technology support learning in your classroom?

This half-day session will introduce you to a variety of free tools to improve the two way feedback between teachers and students.


What will you learn through this workshop?

  • Gain an overview of how eLearning can engage students
  • Learn useful tips and tricks for mLearning (mobile learning)
  • Explore interactive eLearning software
  • Explore how specific tools can be used

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What can eLearning do for your institution?
Presented by Alan Pollock

Date: Saturday 22 July 2017

Time: 9am – 12pm

Location: Building 501, Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley

Cost: $80.
Morning tea will be provided.

alan pollock

About your presenter

Alan Pollock believes that eLearning, done correctly, will engage students and provide teachers with better tools to facilitate their teaching.

Alan has been actively working in eLearning since 2001, with most of his career centred on training and encouraging teachers to incorporate eLearning into their daily teaching.

He has taught at high schools in Western Australia and is currently a sessional tutor at Curtin University and an eLearning coordinator at a tertiary college in Perth. Alan co-developed the Digital Media Course which was designed to provide the hands on skills that students and teachers need to become confident users of 21st century technology in the classroom.

He has delivered over 400 in-house professional development sessions, and given over 20 presentations at conferences for teachers in four countries, including a leading role in training teachers in the iPad-only initiative at a college in the United Arab Emirates.