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Feedback: Maximising student performance

How can we use effective feedback practices to engage, motivate and enhance student results?

If you are keen to develop feedback techniques which work smarter and not harder, this session will introduce you to effective feedback practices, including:

  • interactive feedback
  • feedforward
  • use of websites
  • using student input to develop best feedback for specific topics and class groups

We will also explore how personalised data can highlight the effectiveness of these forms of feedback.


What will you learn through this workshop?

  • Examine what students think feedback is.
  • Explore the impact of feedback on student learning.
  • Construct effective feedback.
  • Identify engaging and motivating feedback.

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Feedback: Maximising student performance
Presented by Chantel Saunders

Date: Tuesday 7 March 2017

Time: 5pm – 6.30pm

Venue: Building 501, Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley

Cost: $50

chantel saunders

About your presenter

Chantel Saunders has 17 years’ experience teaching high school English, Literature and Media and was recently awarded a level 3 classroom teacher position, allowing her the opportunity to develop as a leader within the school and help other educators, while continuing to spend time in the classroom.

Chantel enjoys watching great educators grow through her regular supervision of practising teachers in WA and believes her two jobs feed into each other to make her a better educator and leader.