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Google Apps in Education Masterclass Series

Stay ahead of digital trends by learning how Google’s suite of educational apps can benefit your classroom.


These hands-on sessions, suitable for primary and secondary educators, will introduce you to Google apps and their application in education:

Session 1: The ‘GoogleVerse’

Gain an introduction to the universe according to Google:

  • Explore current and emerging Google tools
  • Learn about the Google account ecosystem
  • Recognise strategies for using Google Tools in your classroom
  • Practise using the applications which will be developed in upcoming sessions
  • Look at the Google Academy

Session 2: Google Drive and the Google Docs suite

Become familiar with Google Drive and its associated suite of applications.

  • Learn about the functionality of its applications
  • Explore opportunities to share and collaborate with peers and students
  • Discover how we can access information from (almost) anywhere!

Session 3: Using Google for data collection

Take a tour of Google’s tools for data collection, processing and sharing.

  • Explore Google Forms and how to construct them
  • Learn how to get data into Google Sheets
  • Manage simple data manipulation and presentation
  • Collaborate and share your data

Session 4: Google Maps

Gain a deeper understanding of Google’s powerful mapping engine.

  • Learn how to construct rich data layers using Google Maps and Street View
  • Present geographical data in interesting and meaningful ways
  • Collaborate and share your data
  • Brainstorm ideas for classroom integration

What will you learn through this workshop?

  • Develop the skills and knowledge to bring innovative learning to your classroom
  • Evaluate which technologies should be applied to your existing projects
  • Workshop with peer educators to explore collaborative tools.

Register for these sessions

Google Apps in Education Masterclass (4x sessions)
Presented by Dr Jim Mullaney.

Dates: Tuesday 21 February, Tuesday 21 March, Tuesday 23 May and Tuesday 20 June 2017.

Time: 5pm – 6.30pm

Venue: Building 501, Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley

Cost: $50 per session. A discount package price of $160 is available when all four sessions are booked.

jim mullaney

About your presenter

Dr Jim Mullaney has a keen interest in learning technologies and their place in 21st century education.

Jim’s undergraduate and post-graduate studies have focused on Science and Science Education and he also has experience teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, across a variety of learning areas and all phases of development.

His recent roles in University leadership positions have had specific responsibility for technology integration.