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The School of Education delivers cutting edge, high quality and high impact research across a range of specialist fields. We have strong national and international links with governments, education communities, and the non-government sector. The school has a track record of winning external funding to support the important work of its researchers. Students enrolled in our carefully designed courses are supervised by dedicated, supportive and expert researchers.

STEM Education Research Group

The School of Education is also home to the internationally esteemed STEM Education Research Group, formerly known as SMEC. STEM Group offers postgraduate studies in science, mathematics and technology education and has a national and international reputation for excellence in research and development. It has one of the largest postgraduate programs in the world in science and mathematics education, with students from all over the world.

Multimodal Analysis Group

The Multimodal Analysis Group specialises in the analysis of language, images and other resources involved in human communication. The research group is working closely with computational scientists in order to develop digital techniques for the analysis of large multimodal datasets.

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