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Student and graduate achievements

Communication and Cultural Studies

Madison Magladry, BA (Literary and Cultural Studies)

“Not only did I get to use cookbooks, watch Buffy and read fantasy novels in the name of research, but my experience with these texts led to meaningful critique of the function of popular culture.” Read more

Sean Guastavino, BA (Theatre Arts)

“The ABSOLUTE best part of my degree would have been the excursion to Bali, to take part in a week intensive of Balinese Mask Work and Balinese dance, accompanied by a Balinese Performance art piece every night. The experience was monumentally impactful, and has permanently affected my artistic practice.” Read more


Screen Arts

Ashley Barron, BA (Film and Television) 

“At the end of second year I was getting advice from older students about what to do and how to approach my final year,” Barron recalls. “One of them said to me: ‘You should get a practical skill’.” She was shown a 16-millimetre camera, and how to clean it and use it. “That was it,” Barron says. “I’ll never forget where I was at Curtin and who was showing me.” ” Read more

Social Sciences and Security Studies

Natasha Kate Howells, Master of International Relations and National Security

“My greatest career achievement to date was gaining employment with the Australian High Commission in Malta, where I currently work. A long-time dream of mine has been to work with the Department of Foreign Affairs, and this has been a fantastic start to that dream.” Read more

Anne-Marie Balbi, PhD Candidate Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Political Science 

The eminent Lowy Institute recently published an opinion piece written by Social Sciences and Security Studies PhD candidate Anne-Marie Balbi in The Interpreter. Read more

Social Sciences and Security Studies

Victor Abramowicz, PhD candidate

Bringing 13 years of experience working for the Australian Department of Defence, Social Sciences and Security Studies PhD candidate Victor Abramowicz, has recently had two opinion-pieces published in The Interpreter by the Lowy Institute for International Policy:

  • Future Frigate and the wisdom of large surface ships
  • Don’t panic: The Trump presidency and Australia’s defence needs

Read more