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Our courses

Undergraduate Courses (Bachelor of Arts)


This major must be completed as part of a double major with corporate information management.This double major program teaches you to locate, evaluate and manage any information in any organisation – print, online, documents, records, social media, research data or corporate knowledge.

Corporate Information Management

This major must be completed as part of a double major with Librarianship.You will learn the foundations of information creation and management, and how to locate, evaluate and manage information for a organisation.

Postgraduate Courses

Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies

Topics covered in the course include collection development, reference services, resource description, management of library and information services, and technologies for information services.

Graduate Diploma in Records Management and Archives

This course offers further training in the areas of information handling, information management in the context of new technologies, as well as data storage, retrieval and preservation.

Master of Information Management

The Master of Information Management offers two streams of study: information and library studies, or records management and archives. Both streams offer introductory and advanced units in each discipline, as well as the option of undertaking an individual research project.