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Our research

Opportunities for student research come in many forms and have included PhDs, Master of Philosophy research projects, coursework masters research projects, and honours after successful completion of a Bachelor degree.

Both staff and students in the Department of Information Studies have a variety of research interests and activities. Below is a list of our professors and their fields of research interest as well as past research projects.

Staff research interests

  • Associate Professor Paul Genoni has a longstanding interest in collection management. He has also conducted research related to personal information management, scholarly communication, and Australian research assessment methodologies, particularly in the humanities, continuing professional development for librarians and a longitudinal study of graduate outcomes. In addition he maintains research interests in Australian studies, with a focus on Australian fiction.
  • Dr Gaby Haddow is the current Chair of the ALIA Research Committee and Co-editor of Australian Academic & Research Libraries. Her research interests and work span bibliometrics, particularly the role of metrics in research assessment, and the communication of research to practice in librarianship.
  • Dr Pauline Joseph completed her PhD in 2011 and has since published in its topic of information seeking and the use of electronic document management systems .
  • Associate Professor Kerry Smith retired at the end of 2012, though she continues her research interest in the area of geoscience information management. The management of RIC: a virtual commons for those with an interest in Researching the Information Commons has now ceased.

See past Information Studies research projects Interested in postgraduate studies? Have a look at some of the research our area has conducted.

  • Taking matters into our own hands: Influencing factors and concerning factors for libraries that developed Open Source library software applications.
  • Education and continuing professional development for Indonesian academic librarians.
  • Combining public library and cultural resources to achieve an information and social commons.
  • A historical bibliography of the issues and the publishers’ cloth cases of the demy octavo works of Charles Dickens, 1837-1872.
  • Networked research and scholarly information in a developing Arabic country: An investigation of Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.
  • Quantitative evidence of collaboration in Malaysian biotechnology research.
  • Implementing the mobile library: Implications for library staff.
  • The future funding of public libraries: a case study of Singapore’s strategies for the information society.
  • An historical analysis of information needs.
  • Education for librarianship in Western Australia: A history.
  • The impact of conference attendance on Australian librarians and libraries.
  • Information services to tenant companies in technology parks: Australia and Thailand.
  • An investigation into the role of the digital libraries in bridging the digital divide in developing Arab countries: the case of Yarmouk University Jordan.
  • The help seeking behaviour of Australian men during stressful life events: An exploration of information exchange relationships.
  • Compilation of a collection development policy for mar Mooditj, the Aboriginal health worker education programme in Perth, WA: A case study of the application of general principles.
  • The effect of the events of September 11, 2001 upon public libraries’ collections and service delivery to their Muslim clients.
  • Library consortia in Vietnam: Historical context, current state and the need for further development.
  • The tangled web of parliamentary information: the use of social media by members of the Western Australian Parliament.
  • Censorship of heterodox thought in seventeenth century France.
  • Information literacy and news libraries: the challenge of developing information literacy instruction programs in a special library environment.
  • The potential for virtual library services to promote teaching and research and reduce the digital divide: A case study of the University of Malawi.
  • Cataloguing education and training in Australia since 1960: An examination of the relationship between theory and practice.
  • Public librarians as managers: A survey of the management skills and post-qualification training and education needs of West Australian practitioners.
  • The information needs of medical practitioners in Western Australia.
  • An investigation into the information skills used by mature aged students in preparation for the Tertiary Entrance Examination at a senior college in Western Australia.
  • Development of a practical formula for allocation of the library budget for monographs among subject departments in academic institutions.
  • Thesaurus construction in an interdisciplinary soft science: An examination of the process.
  • The information culture of the Maldives: An exploratory study of information provision and access in a small island developing state.
  • OPAC user instruction programs in academic libraries: inputs to the planning process.
  • The information needs of business, industry and commerce in the East Pilbara region (Western Australia).
  • The Role of Information Professionals in Geoscience Data Management: A Western Australian Perspective.