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Master of Media and Communication

This degree is for those seeking to develop creative problem solving skills and an advanced understanding of media, culture, new technology and communication practices. Students can undertake internships in prominent media organisations, state government agencies and communication departments of major corporations, such as Fremantle Football Club.

media and comms

How it works

The Master of Media and Communication has five majors which cover varied areas of interest, some of the majors have additional focus areas, called streams.

  • Creative Practice
    Streams:Creative Writing, Theatre Arts or Screen Production
  • Professional Writing and Publishing
  • Media Practice
    Streams:Journalism or Corporate Media Production
  • Social and Cultural Inquiry
    Streams: Literary and Cultural Studies or Social Science and Anthropology
  • Visualisation and Interactive Media

Regardless of the major or stream that you choose to study, the course includes a major project and an internship within your area of interest following the course structure outlined below.

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