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Undergraduate courses

Develop a strong understanding of theory and technical abilities that are valued by industry.

When you choose to study Internet Communications at Curtin, you will learn how to navigate, lead and create within a rapidly changing technological landscape, you will also acquire the skills and critical knowledge necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital, often mobile and globally networked world of communication, media and information.

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Internet Communications at Curtin can be studied in three different ways:

Major in Internet Communications

Our primary undergraduate offering is an Internet Communications degree within the Bachelor of Arts offered through the faculty of Humanities. You can study this major alone, or as a double major coupled with a complementary degree such as Digital Design and Professional Writing.

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Study through Open Universities Australia (OUA)

Through OUA you study externally and with access to a range of units from other universities offered through OUA. There are four study periods a year, rather than the traditional two semesters. The degree is awarded by Curtin University.

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Take the Web Media stream of the Mass Communication major

Our Mass Communication major offers a Web Media stream within the course structure. This stream is a shorter version of the Internet Communication major (6 units instead of 10), designed to be taken along with one or two other streams in areas such as marketing, public relations, screen production, design or journalism.

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