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Visualisation and Interactive Media

Visualisation and interactive media are changing the way we communicate. Our visualisation and interactive media courses explore the critical and practical aspects of new and emerging technologies, their social and cultural impact on our lives, and the way we work with them now and in the future.

Why study Visualisation and Interactive Media?

Meet industry demands

Curtin’s visual and interactive media courses are designed to meet industry’s growing need for graduates who can understand, manage and communicate using virtual and augmented realities, interactive media and immersive technologies.

Learn with innovative technologies

A cross disciplinary approach delivers insights into media management, business, content production and latest media technologies. Students learn, build and interact with augmented realities using technology like the Oculus Rift and the Cylinder in our newly developed facilities, such as the Curtin HIVE.

Apply your ideas and skills

If you are passionate about new technologies and how they can be used to create meaning and shape user experience, this course will offer opportunities to work with industry-standard equipment as you develop the skills and understanding about emerging media to prepare you for a wide area of industries, such as such as medicine, health care, architecture, archaeology, education and business.

Careers of the future

Visual and interactive media have real-world applications across a variety of industries.

virtual reality
Art, entertainment, and media
  • virtual and augmented reality
  • 3D film/interactive cinema
  • cultural visualisation / digital heritage
  • user experience studies
  • digital graphics and gaming
Big Data and simulation industries
  • big data visualisation
  • design of simulation environments
  • interaction with visual data
  • scientific visualisations
virtual education
  • Remote (virtual) and immersive engagement



engineering simulation
Engineering and construction
  • spatial ‘mapping’ and surveying
  • information visualisation


Financial and business corporations
  • modelling for business
  • information design



Media industries
  • digital media
  • innovative, emerging media services
  • mobile media
  • smart environments
medical students
Medicine and health
  • Curtin health sciences students use Anatomage tables to visualise



Find out more about this course

Visualisation and Interactive Media at Curtin

Curtin’s visualisation and interactive media courses at Curtin can be studied at several levels:

undergraduate: as a single or double major within the Bachelor of Arts

undergraduate: as a minor, to complement your study in another degree

postgraduate courseworkas a major within the Master of Media and Communication

postgraduate researchas a higher degree by research field within the Master/Doctor of Philosophy – Media, Culture and Creative Arts

Career opportunities

Upon graduating you may find work as:

  • An interactive web and mobile app designer
  • A multimedia artist and designer
  • A digital communications specialist
  • A visual data analyst
  • An information visualiser/designer
  • An interactive (3D) production artist
  • A creative director
  • A motion graphics producer
  • A visualisation production director

Welcome to the future

Technology has come a long way in the last few years: virtual reality; cloud computing; accessible 3D printing; 360-degree film; tablets; smart watches.

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