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Giles Graham

giles graham

Exchange: City University Hong Kong (semester one 2016)

Grant: $7000 (as part of a larger 3 year Curtin University Department of Planning recurring exchange program.)

I think it’s important for students to get out there, explore cities and experience unique cultures. I participated in the New Colombo Plan exchange program at City University Hong Kong, and while I was there, we took some time to explore Hong Kong. By deliberately heading out of the tourist trap areas and visiting smaller, regional, sometimes coastal towns, I was able to see how Hong Kong as a whole city functions.

It was such a valuable opportunity to be able to observe how such a huge, dense city can go beyond expensive skyscrapers and function a vibrant and diverse place of living.

This experience has given my study a difference and depth that most others students do not have, and really helps to differentiate me from other graduates.