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Nathan Maas

nathan maas

Exchange: City University Hong Kong (semester one 2016)

Grant: $7000 (as part of a larger 3 year Curtin University Department of Planning recurring exchange program.)

I chose this degree because I value people and space, and I’m fascinated by the relationship between the two. Urban planning has a huge influence over the way people live, and I want to be a part of that.

During my studies, I was invited to Hong Kong as part of the New Colombo Plan exchange program and it was such a fascinating place – there’s so much vibrancy. I was learning so much and appreciating constantly how the size and density impacted on how people live and move through the city, and trying to absorb what I could take home and apply to my work.

The experience completely reaffirmed my passion for my course and the work. International opportunities like these are also great because it allows us to mature and change as a person, and to understand how the world works, how people live, the sort of challenges they encounter and ultimately, how we as people can make the world a better place.