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Yasmin Harris

Yasmin Harris

Exchange: HASSELL Studio internship, Hong Kong (one month)
Grant: $3000

I’ve always loved the idea of creative and functional spaces within the public realm. My course at Curtin has given me so many invaluable experiences, including the opportunity to travel internationally to places like the Philippines, Japan, Singapore and most recently, to Hong Kong for an internship with HASSELL, a design studio with offices across the world, through the New Colombo Plan.

At the Hong Kong studio, we did a lot of research and analytical work for the team, but also a lot of professional practice work too, like participating in design workshops and producing client presentations. We learnt a lot about planning in the international context – for example, Hong Kong’s world class MTR transportation system and how it differs to what we have in Perth, because of our different land uses and ways of optimising space.

Being able to combine practical, relevant work experience with the experience of living and working in another country, and having that exposure to another culture, was great and I think it will give me a unique perspective and advantage in my future work, or even if I decide to pursue postgraduate studies in urban design.

My advice to students thinking of applying is just to go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose.