High school outreach

School outreach programs

We provide opportunities and experiences to enrich curiosity, creativity, and knowledge. 

Our activities are designed to help high school students explore new areas of interest, create connections, and prepare for the future. These include:

  • School visits, career information sessions, and campus tours
  • Workshops and activities
  • Guest lectures or talks
  • Online resources
  • Professional development for teachers

Explore our study areas

Architecture and the Built Environment

Students with an interest in architecture and the built environment will learn the principles of design and how they could improve living conditions through a range of informative, interactive, and engaging workshops, such as building strong structures, sustainability sessions or spatial mapping activities.

Our sessions range between 1 – 4 hours and can be held either on-campus or at your school.  We can tailor our activities to suit your requirements, so please get in touch for more information.

Creative Arts and Communications

Whether students are interested in the written word, performance arts, fine arts, media, or communications, our range of creative arts and communications activities allow students to follow their passion while learning about the creative fields and future careers.

We can host activities either on-campus or at your school, and we have an industry-standard spaces available including our media production studio, fine art studios and our refurbished performance theatre to name a few.  Please contact us to find out more.


Whether students are interested in graphic design, photography, fashion or communications, our activities encourage them to explore their passion and learn about future careers from industry experts and academics.

We can host activities either on-campus or at your school, and we have a range of facilities available including woodworking and metal fabrication machinery, a photography studio, digital labs, fashion studios, 3D printers, and in 2022 we will launch a new five-storey Design and Built Environment facility with dedicated learning and research spaces, a makerspace and workspaces for staff and industry.


High school students

Teachers are integral in shaping the development of students and preparing them for a successful life ahead.  We can provide information sessions from practicing teachers or schedule a tour of Curtin’s Education building which features four industry-standard classrooms that replicate authentic school environments.  Contact us for a customised program based on your learning requirements.

Teachers – professional development

If you are a teacher or educational professional who would like to learn how to make a greater positive impact on your students, school and community while enhancing your knowledge, then you could benefit from our tailored workshops and events through the School of Education’s Professional Learning Hub.

Social Sciences

Students will discover how to tackle complex problems and take critical thinking to a new level.  They will learn about the dynamics of different societies and cultures, study the written word and its applications, and discuss contemporary issues in society through a range of activities spanning alternative histories, international relations challenges, cultural studies activities and many more.


If students are interested in the languages, we have Japanese and Chinese language teachers who can provide information sessions and advice on future careers.