Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Office

Professor Michele Willson, PVC Curtin Humanities
Professor Michele Willson, Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to Humanities at Curtin.

In the Faculty of Humanities, we are committed to developing graduates who are progressive thinkers, imaginative creators, ethical practitioners and leaders.

We are proud that Curtin is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world for the subjects of Architecture and Built Environment and Education and that the excellent work of our staff is internationally recognised. We are also very proud that students graduating from our teaching programs are well-prepared for a diversity of exciting future careers.

Many of our programs are backed by professional accreditation, and some of these programs are also taught in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mauritius and Vietnam, where Curtin has a reputation as a quality higher education provider.

We conduct a wide range of pure and applied research. Across our three schools and ten research centres and institutes, our staff and graduate students are involved in collaborative research with national and international partners in universities, in government organisations and in industry.

Through our teaching and our research, through the impact that we expect our research and our well qualified graduating students to have on the diverse communities in which we live and work, we are committed to making tomorrow better.

Professor Michele Willson
Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor