Design and the Built Environment

The School of Design and the Built Environment leads in high-quality and globally significant research across the fields of digital and creative design, architecture and interior architecture, urban and regional planning and policy, construction and building information modelling, project management, geography and spatial analysis. Students conduct research that addresses high-impact societal needs, critical technologies, the transformation of industry and evidence-based policy.

Photo taken inside a dome shaped glass building


Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute

Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute was established in January 2008. The idea of “sustainability” in a wide range of human endeavour is a relatively new concept, but is rapidly becoming a key issue in public policy theory and practice.

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Australasian Joint Research Centre for Building Information Modelling

The Centre focuses on developing leading research that integrates BIM with other advanced concepts and technologies to improve the performance and productivity of building projects in the energy, mineral and construction industries worldwide.

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URBANET is a network of researchers with interests including city planning, urban design, regional planning, transport planning, sustainability, and governance. The research hub is led by Professor Carey Curtis.

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Research Unit for the Study of Societies in Change (RUSSIC)

A multidisciplinary cluster examining processes of social and cultural transformation.

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