Hear from our students and graduates from the School of Design and the Built Environment and view examples of student work.


Fashion student Antoinette Raphael modelling her designs
Antoinette Raphael

Waging RAW WAR on the fashion industry

From sewing her first cushion at age 12 to featuring in British Vogue magazine in 2018, fashion graduate Antoinette Raphael is bringing bold attitude to the industry with her streetwear label, RAW WAR.

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Animation and Game Design

A marvel-ous journey

With audiences praising franchise game-changer Captain America: Civil War and gory smash hit Deadpool, it seems the superhero genre is only becoming more popular. To work on one film would be any fan’s dream, but for Curtin alumnus and visual effects sequence supervisor Brendan Seals, it’s part and parcel of his daily job.

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Curtin students design new home for ‘bush’ university

Curtin University architecture students will design a new base for Nowanup Bush University, an important meeting place for Nyungar people located 50 kilometres west of Bremer Bay.

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Bayswater community works with architecture students to inject life back into suburb
The city of Bayswater has been “treading water” for nearly 25 years, according to Chair of Future Bayswater, Paul Shanahan.

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Construction Management

Want to recycle your food scraps? Shoulda woulda Kooda!
Australians throw out 345 kgs of edible food each year, equating to AUD$8 billion. Helping reduce the amount of food that ends up in landfill is local start-up company, Kooda.

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What our graduates say: Jessica Baller

“One of my best experiences so far in the course, has been attending the international study trip to Singapore, where I gained knowledge of real world innovations in prefabrication and modular construction. Experiencing just some of the possibilities I have with Construction Management, especially internationally, has given me added motivation to aim for the honours stream in 4th year.”

Digital Design

Oscar nomination for digital design grad

Andrew Joseph has seen his work on War for the Planet of the Apes recognised with a nomination for Best Visual Effects at the 90th Academy Awards.

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Graphic Design

Meeting the mushroom girl: Q&A with Deanne Cheuk

Deanne Cheuk had no idea what graphic design was until she enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin in 1992 and was told by her teacher that it could lead to a career in designing toothpaste cartons. She has since made a career that is outside any box as a New York-based art director, illustrator and artist, and has been commissioned by global companies including American Express, Levi’s, Lane Crawford, Microsoft, Dell, Nike, Target and Olay.

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Fashion Design

Sustaining an artful life

In a culture that encourages consumerism and conformity, it can be difficult to buck the trend and find threads that are ethically and well made, and aesthetically pleasing. Kate Hannah is a Perth-based designer whose textiles tick all the boxes. Her label, P’JUNK, is rebellious and sustainable fashion sourced predominantly from recycled and pre-loved materials.

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More Fashion achievements:

Interior Architecture

An impulse for discovery

Interior Architect Hami James is one of those fortunate professionals who followed a childhood passion towards a fulfilling career. “At school I was particularly drawn to the creative arts and humanities based subjects,” says James. “So from a young age I always knew I wanted to do something creative and that led me to the interior architecture course at Curtin University.”

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Photography student gets the big picture

Tim Palman will be graduating from Curtin with his career in photography well underway. Palman’s recent solo exhibition, hosted by Paper Mountain gallery in Northbridge, was a decisive success.

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Urban and Regional Planning

Food for thoughts

Following its success in cities around world, in 2015, SOUP finally arrived in Perth – brought and co-founded by Curtin alumnus Alex Frankcombe.

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Architecture student David Domic with his watch designs
David Tomić

Architectural entrepreneur builds watch brand

After being unable to find a style of watch that he liked, David Tomić decided to take matters into his own hands, launching his company, WHY Watches, to great success.

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Bayswater community works with architecture students to inject life back into suburb

Future Bayswater partnered with 25 Master of Architecture students in a project called the Bayswater Urban Regeneration Hub, to generate research and ideas about how to transform Bayswater into an inviting, sustainable and transit-orientated city.

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More Architecture achievements:

Urban and regional planning

Planning for a better future

Netty Muharni was among the 10 per cent of her seaside village in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, to survive the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but tragically, her two young children were lost in the disaster. In the post-disaster chaos of uncoordinated relief efforts in the province, Muharni became determined to learn how communities like hers could be better protected in the future.

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Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Cooperative

Digitisation is transforming built environment. Curtin’s School of Design and the Built Environment established the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Cooperative to prepare students to meet the changing demands of the industry by providing mentoring opportunities from industry leaders through collaboration on high profile projects.

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Luke Amplett, BEng (Civil and Construction Engineering) “VDC gave me exposure to industry representatives and the students from other disciplines.”

“The VDC Cooperative has helped me develop skills that have prepared me for work in a multidisciplinary design team in the industry. Both the collaborative working experience and the development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) skills are aspects that are highly relevant and applicable to current industry practises.

VDC gave me exposure to industry representatives and the students from other disciplines, which allowed me to better understand the thought processes and the needs of the disciplines which I will be working closely with once I qualify.

I feel that my involvement in this project has helped increase my employability as a graduate and as it helps develop skills and understanding that will be highly desirable by the industry.
A wide spanning and flexible subject, Mass Communication prepares you for a career across more than one area in the rapidly expanding field of media and corporate communication. This course provides you with key technological skills and knowledge, as well as an understanding of the issues and debates that concern media, communication and information in the world today.”


Roman Hohlbein, Master of Urban and Regional Planning “The different ways of thinking and approaching problems within our team has led to great working synergies.”

“Working with VDC is challenging and enjoyable at the same time and provides the opportunity to think outside the box. The interdisciplinary environment boosts rethinking of established ways of doing things and the different ways of thinking and approaching problem within our team has led to great working synergies.

As a Planning student, I have never been exposed to BIM. Taking part in VDC gave me a strong insight into this revolutionary technology that will eventually impact the planning profession.

My interdisciplinary team looked at the opportunities for saving resources through the reuse of often-used detail components in architectural drawings. I started the project with no expertise of detailing or the software but with help of our industry partner it did not take long to understand the issues.

I would recommend that everyone takes up the challenge and learn something new while making contact with partners in the industry.”

Thomas Metcalf, Construction Management and Economics Working on a project that didn’t have defined outcomes challenged me to see how far I could progress and succeed at addressing the project scope.

“I enjoyed working on a project that didn’t have defined outcomes. It challenged me to see how far I could progress and succeed at addressing the project scope; this style of learning has been so useful in developing my personal and professional skills.

VDC provides you with industry relevant skills, exposure to the most current technology, collaboration with students from other disciplines, and confidence to transition into the workplace.

It provides insight into:

  • the operation of BIM driven projects
  • the impact on how BIM projects are managed
  • exposure to cross-disciplinary relationships and collaboration
  • current issues produced as a result of new technologies
  • the future direction of the industry and necessary career skills.

I learnt the importance of making BIM understandable and accessible to the project team, the importance of data integrity when dealing with BIM, and the benefits and shortfalls of working with other disciplines.”

Michael Montgomery, BEng (Civil and Construction Engineering) “VDC differs from your usual work experience roles and helps you develop communication and presentational skills and professional liaison skills.”

“VDC differs from your usual work experience roles and helps you develop communication and presentational skills and professional liaison skills.

The project has introduced me to working in a multidisciplinary, collaborative team. I have seen how these different disciplines such as architects and construction managers operate, what they are capable of, which has made the experience more beneficial.

I have been lucky to receive a project which uses BIM applications on site at the New Perth Stadium. The access to other young professional’s opinions which we would not otherwise receive has been a highlight.”


Aaron Woo, BAppSc (Construction Management and Economics) “I loved the opportunity to work with companies in the industry to solve a real problem they may be facing.”

“I loved the opportunity to work with companies in the industry to solve a real problem they may be facing. You gain valuable experience in using and solving problems with virtual design and construction processes.

I have learnt a lot about the different softwares available for use in the construction industry to improve processes and now have a greater understanding of how BIM is used in construction projects, for example:

  • How BIM can be utilised to take on site for subcontractor use.
  • How to use BIM 360 Glue and Field.
  • Using iPads for on-site model management, including the benefits and limitations of the software.

In determining the limitations of the software I learnt ways of working around the limitations in order to achieve desired functions. VDC Cooperative is an opportunity that is not provided anywhere else.”