Non-academic entry requirement: Qualtrics questionnaire

Curtin University School of Education Qualtrics Questionnaire for all applicants

For entry to initial teacher education (ITE) courses, you will need to meet both the academic and non-academic entry requirements.

To meet the non-academic entry requirements, applicants must demonstrate they have the key characteristics, attributes and motivations common to effective teachers, as outlined by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

To demonstrate this, you will need to complete an online Qualtrics questionnaire as part of your application. The questionnaire must be completed no more than one year prior to application.

How to complete the questionnaire

To complete the Qualtrics questionnaire you will require your TISC/OUA/Curtin ID. 

During the questionnaire, you will be asked several questions that rate your motivation for teaching, as well as your involvement in personal learning and/or leadership activities. You will also need to complete two written statements addressing the following categories:

  1. Your motivation and suitability for teaching
  2. Your involvement in personal learning and leadership activities

Complete the questionnaire, review and then submit. Your responses will appear on the screen. Please download and save the PDF containing your responses for future use in your course.

You will receive an email confirming completion of the questionnaire. Attach this email to your application.

Please note: Once submitted, you will not be able to log back in and change your responses, so please review your responses carefully before submitting.

Assessment of results

Your responses from the questionnaire indicate the extent to which you meet the desired personal attributes for educators. Your profile in terms of these personal attributes will be considered along with the academic requirements for entry, when determining whether an offer of course admission will be made.  You will not receive individual results from this questionnaire, as there is no “pass or fail” mark. Your results are considered holistically, in the same way as an interview for a job might be managed.

It is possible that your responses may show that the teaching profession may not be best suited to you right now. If this is the case, you should not consider this to be a personal failure in any way.

You are welcome to contact the School of Education to discuss your options.

Telephone: +61 8 9266 5316

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