Our people

Head of School

  • Professor Umbero Ansaldo, Professor of Linguistics

Deputy Heads of School


Discipline Leads, Course Coordinators and Academic Staff


Internet Studies


Libraries, Archives, Records and Information Science

  • Associate Professor Gaby Haddow, Senior Lecturer, Discipline Lead (Libraries, Archives, Records and Information Science)
  • Dr Leisa Gibbons, Lecturer, Course Coordinator (Library and Corporate Information Management – UG)
  • Dr Hollie White, Senior Lecturer, Course Coordinator (Library and Corporate Information Management – PG) and Deputy Directory Graduate Research

History, International Relations, Sociology and Anthropology

  • Dr Ben Rich, Senior Lecturer, Discipline Lead (History, International Relations, Sociology and Anthropology) and Course Coordinator (International Relations – UG)
  • Mr Gavin Briggs, Lecturer, Course Coordinator (International Relations and National Security – PG)
  • Dr Donna Butorac, Senior Lecturer, Course Coordinator (Sociology and Anthropology – UG)
  • Dr Amma Buckley, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Shannon Ford, Lecturer (International Relations)
  • Dr Vannessa Hearman, Senior Lecturer (History)
  • Dr Bri McKenzie, Lecturer, Course Coordinator (History – UG)
  • Associate Professor Alexey Muraviev, Associate Professor of National Security and Strategic Studies

Human Rights Education

Theatre, Screen and Digital Media

Writing and Cultural Studies

Professional Staff

Creative Production Support Unit

Mr Paul Indaimo, CPSU Manager


Media / Theatre

  • Mr Adam Barrett, Support Specialist
  • Mr Murray Basham, Vizcom Support
  • Mr Stephen Carr, Support Specialist (Hayman Theatre)
  • Ms Lynda Doulas, Support Specialist – Casual
  • Ms Emilia Jolakoska, Support Specialist – Casual
  • Mr Adem Kerimofski, Vizcom Support
  • Mr Sam Philp, Vizcom Support
  • Mr Austin Russell, Vizcom Support
  • Mr Nathan Wraight, Vizcom Support


  • Ms Charlene Bolo, Administrative Assistant
  • Mr Leigh Brennan, Hayman Theatre Administrator
  • Ms Fiona Clarke, Administrative Officer
  • Mrs Lynda Durack, Administrative Officer
  • Mrs Gaylene Galardi, Administrative Officer (HDR Support)
  • Ms Cherie Galvin, Administrative Officer
  • Mrs Elizabeth Hill, Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs Liz Lewis, Administrative Officer
  • Ms Karen Lo, Administrative Officer (Staffing Support)
  • Mrs Tina Murphy, Administrative Officer


Teaching Support


Adjuncts and Patrons



UG = Undergraduate courses

PG = Postgraduate courses