Sean Guastavino, BA (Theatre Arts)

“I think the best part of my degree is the versatility and the open nature of the course. By versatility I mean that through the Lunchtime Theatre program students can immerse themselves in the multiple facets of theatre, and build skills in an extremely practical and safe environment that allow them to enter the industry as rounded theatre makers. By open I mean that under Leah Mercer’s coordination I felt as though I was never prescribed to approach Theatre, or Art in general, in a specific style or form.

All the tutors are professionally practising artists who have distinct styles and approaches to theatre, and so students are influenced by many theories and can find their own artistic ethos, rather than being placed inside a conservatorium where a particular and/or specific approach is the prescription, included with all this is the contact with the multitude of outside professionally practising artists currently working within the Perth industry. The ABSOLUTE best would have been the excursion to Bali, to take part in a week intensive of Balinese Mask Work and Balinese dance, accompanied by a Balinese Performance art piece every night. The experience was monumentally impactful, and has permanently affected my artistic practice.” Watch a video about the Performance and Mask workshop in Bali.

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