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Our Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree provides you with an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and develop a unique individual research project in a critical and supportive learning environment. Our supervision, academic and technical support structures are widely recognised in Australia and overseas.

You will produce an in-depth dissertation or creative work and develop advanced knowledge and skills for professional work, research or further learning.

This one-year capstone to undergraduate studies can be studied either as a final degree or as the first stage of entry into a Higher Degree by Research.

Applications close on 24 January 2018.

What our students say

“I enjoy the ongoing discussions we have with our peers and tutors. It has been a rewarding experience.”

“The teaching staff have an amazing breadth of knowledge, hopefully some of it will rub off on me.”

BA Honours students (2017)

Source: eVALUate

Specialise your research

Our BA Honours program facilitates research at an advanced level. You will benefit from coursework units and from being part of an inspiring community of like-minded researchers and dedicated academics.

You will apply the concepts learned during your research investigation to produce a dissertation or creative project and exegesis. Your research specialisation can fall anywhere within a broad range of humanities disciplines.

The course continues to produce successful graduates, many continue their study with advanced doctorate degrees at leading universities in Australia and overseas.

Research areas  
AnthropologyArtAsian Languages
Creative and Professional WritingCultural StudiesDesign
GeographyHistoryInternet Studies
JournalismLibrary and Information StudiesLiterary Studies
Theatre ArtsSocial SciencesScreen Arts
Visualisation and Interactive Media