Double degrees

Studying for two degrees at once means you’ll graduate with double the qualifications, but it won’t take you double the time.

A double degree will increase your skills and knowledge across two different learning areas and gives you more career opportunities and choices. You’ll study units from both courses, but the condensed program structure means it may take only a year longer than a single degree.

With Humanities, you can choose to study a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Law or a Bachelor of Science to create your double degree.

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Our double degrees

Arts and Commerce

The Arts and Commerce double degree, administered by the Faculty of Humanities, offers you the opportunity to study a wide range of majors from the Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) and Commerce. Combining studies in arts and business has many benefits, and graduates are awarded with two degrees upon successful completion.

Studies in the Arts focuses on creativity, problem solving, communication skills, and practical skills, with students able to utilise Curtin’s leading art, media and performance facilities. Meanwhile, studies in Commerce are career-orientated and equip students with the skills and knowledge required to be job-ready as soon as they graduate. This double degree provides you with diverse career opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

Why Arts and Commerce Double Degree?

    • Double your career opportunities by gaining training in both arts and business.
    • There is an extensive list of majors to choose from in both the Arts and Commerce degrees, allowing you to combine two areas of interest or complementary majors.
    • The next big development in business has been touted the “creative industry”. This double degree will put you in good stead for this new up-and-coming industry.
    • Combine left brain study (logic, facts, figures) with right brain study (creativity, ability to see the bigger picture).
    • You will develop practical and industry-relevant skills in both areas. Many Humanities and Commerce majors also offer industry placements, and/or professional recognition with international organisations.

Law and Arts

The Law and Arts double degree is designed to provide you with a professional qualification that prepares you for legal practice, but also gives you a strong background in either International Relations or Journalism. This may particularly suit those interested in
human rights and international law.

Why study a Law and Arts double degree?

  • Bachelor of Laws graduates are qualified to study law in any field, upon registration with the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia (LPBWA).
  • By combining study in arts and law you will gain a greater understanding of the context in which the law operates.
  • Integrated professional practice units enhance the course’s relevance and gives you opportunities for professional work experience, networking and community engagement.

Science and Arts

In the Science and Arts double degree you can choose from specified majors within the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science. This study combination is designed to provide you with a broad knowledge base, leading to the opportunity for diverse career opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

Why Science and Arts Double Degree?

  • Increase and broaden your knowledge base and skill sets and expand your career opportunities.
  • There is strong science component in this double degree, from a wide range of areas. The range of humanities subjects is also broad and diverse.
  • Students interested in research and scientific writing will benefit from the opportunity to perfect their language skills.