Tracy Bennett, Primary Education graduate

Tracy Bennett
BEd (Primary Education) via Open Universities Australia

“The flexibility of online study meant that I could be the mother I wanted to be to the three little people who meant the world to me, while also investing in securing the future I wanted for myself. While my nights were full of i-lectures, text books and web searches, my days could still be devoted to those that I loved.

Curtin University provided the best quality tutors to lead us through this journey – tutors who left no doubt in my mind that we were being moulded and trained just as highly as any on-campus student.

These men and women were devoted, passionate, knowledgeable and most importantly, understanding of the isolation that might arise from studying alone. They worked hard to ensure that we were listened to and supported every step of the way – making themselves contactable at hours that any normal tutor would never consider.

My passion for what I was learning inspired me to achieve something I didn’t think I was capable of. I didn’t only get a Bachelor of Education from the last four years – I made amazing friends and I developed a belief in myself that was never there before. And this was all achieved from the other end of a computer.”

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